What Are the Best Days to Sell on eBay?

To learn more about what the best days to sell on eBay are, you need to conduct some market research about the people who will buy the item you are trying to sell. The biggest mistake beginning eBay sellers make is failing to conduct their market research before they list their items for sale. Instead, they might troll the internet to find advice about what the best days to sell on eBay are.

The problem with this advice is that it is too general, confusing and often misleading. This misinformation costs sellers time and money in listing fees and lost sales. Here are some examples of advice you will find on the internet:

• Sundays, between 6pm and 9pm EST has the highest level of people browsing through the listings.
• Wednesday nights, between 6pm and 9pm
• Thursday afternoons and evenings, setting the auction for 10 days so that it will end on Sunday between 6pm and 9pm

I read another post in a forum by a member who proclaimed that Wednesdays were the worst time to sell. Then I went to the eBay forum and found that one particular Wednesday had a <a href=”http://forums.ebay.com/db2/topic/Workshops/Member-Workshop-Finding/1000360545″>63.40% Sell-Through rate for BMW alternators</a>.

There are two ways that you can go about gathering your market information to determine the best day to sell your item on eBay. The first, and most painful way, is to spend hours scouring the expired auctions in your item’s category in order to see what sold and when. Then you would compile everything into an Excel spreadsheet.

The second and most easiest way to determine when to list your item is to use eBay research tools, which were designed to tell you when your prospective customers are the most likely to buy. Below is a list of popular eBay research tools that will help you to determine the best time to sell your items.

• Auction Intelligence
• Hammer Tap
• Terapeak
• Vendio

The biggest advantage of using software is that you won’t have to compile your market data by hand. You’ll find out the best days to sell your items on eBay in seconds instead of hours. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay a subscription to use the software. If you plan to set up a business on eBay, these tools will help you sell your items more smoothly and profitably. Casual users can take advantage of the free trials.

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