How to sell stuff on ebay and keep your sanity!

Put your stuff on Ebay and stay sane!

Once you realize that you can sell stuff on Ebay and make some money at it, the next thing you will probably realize is that it can be a pain in the rear-end. These tips are not necessarily beneficial for increasing your revenues, but they will likely increase you return on time invested.

What I mean is that if you sell 10 items @ $20 profit, you will make $200. If it takes 10 hours of your time, then you are making $20 an hour. If you sell a little bit less, say 8 items for the same amount ($20) = $160. Now if it only required 5 hours of your time, then you are making $32 an hour. That sounds a lot better doesn’t it? That is the goal of this article – to get more money for each hour worked.

Keep in mind each of these tips may or may not be suited for your market. So you don’t have to follow them all – just see what works best for your market.

Charge high S&H for international buyers

Shipping internationally is not fun. Extra forms, extra postage, customs, possible legal issues with other countries. Yes, it is nice to be able to sell to the whole world rather than just the U.S., but the great majority of the items I have sold have been to U.S. customers. There are probably still a lot of people who want to buy your widget in the U.S.

If you insist on shipping internationally, I suggest that you jack the International shipping prices up. This will possibly deter some of them from purchasing your product and it will also adequately compensate your for your extra time and energy spent.

Use a listing tool to save time

Getting an ebay auction management tool of some sort will save you a lot of time. Auctiva is a decent tool for those just starting out and there are a bunch of others as well.

Only accept Paypal

I know Paypal can really cut into your profits, but it can and does make an ebayer’s life a lot easier. I can not imagine how much of a nightmare it would be to only get paid in checks and money orders. Thank God that is not an issue, since most buyers use paypal. I like to keep it that way, yea you will lose some sales to those who don’t want to do paypal, but you will avoid the waiting on the check, running to the bank to cash it, contacting them when you don’t receive it, and a bunch of other hassles.

Include FAQs in the description

First, you want to include every detail you can possibly find about the item you are selling in the listing. Even still inevitably you will get questions from buyers. Save these questions and add them to a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of the listing and continue to update it as these questions roll in. It is no fun answer the same questions over and over, this will help minimize that.

Don’t sell to dead-beats

If they have bought 5 items on eBay and only paid for 3 of them – don’t waste your time. Yea you have a 60% chance of getting paid, but it is also a 40% chance you will not and about a 99% chance that it will be a difficult and time-consuming sale.

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