How to pick a good title for ebay listing

Use a very descriptive title for your ebay listing

Most ebay users use the search box. Therefore you might as well spend some time figuring out what they are going to be searching for.

With ebay it is crucial that you use a very descriptive title for your item. Since so many users use the search box to search for what they are looking for, it is extremely important that you have all the detail possible that you can squeeze into that box.

So for example if you are selling a guitar amp – you wouldn’t want to have a title of “nice big guitar amp.” Rather you would want something like “Used Marshall solid state VS100 1 12″ guitar amp”

Think of all the details about the product and use as many of those as possible in your title. Try to think about if you were going to search for this product, what would you type? What would your mother or daughter type?

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