How many pictures should you use on ebay?

Use pictures when putting stuff on ebay

Ebay buyer’s love lots of pictures! So use as many as you can!

Yes, it is hard to imagine, but some people do try to sell stuff on ebay without using pictures. If you don’t yet have a digital camera, go to Ebay now and make that purchase the first thing your do. It shouldn’t cost you more than $50(unless you want it to) and it will end up saving you a lot of money and make your life a whole lot easier.

The only thing worse than having no pictures is having only one picture. Ebay allows you to put up one picture for free, but you do not want to just settle for one!

I don’t care how popular the item is you should put a bunch of clear pictures up. This doesn’t mean they have to be professional quality, just clear enough that anyone can see what is actually in the picture.

Having lots of pictures is a key to getting lots of bids.

Since Ebay will only allow you to list one picture for free you should sign up with or another service that will allow you to host your pictures for free.

You can take a bunch of detailed and descriptive pictures and put them all on Auctiva’s site for free and viola! They show up in your ebay listing and you didn’t pay an extra penny for it.

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