How Do I Sell Something on Ebay

Are you interested in making extra money by selling your quality used items? Or maybe you need to do some spring cleaning and are looking to earn some additional cash. Have you thought about selling your products on Ebay? Sounds like a great idea, but you may be wondering, “How do I Sell Something on Ebay?”

The hardest part of learning how to sell items on Ebay may simply be getting started. There are many successful companies on Ebay with hundreds of customers. They all had to start somehow. With some assistance, the answer to your question, “How do I sell something on Ebay”, can be easily answered.

The first thing you need to do to sell an item on Ebay is go to the website and register. You will pick a unique user name and password to register. This must be a name that is not already used by another customer. After you do this, it is a good idea to set up a PayPal account as well, as this is often the preferred method of payment, and sometimes the only accepted method of payment. This makes is very simply for you as a seller to get your cash, and transfer it safely into your bank account.

The next thing that I recommend you do before becoming a seller, is become a respected buyer. In order for you to do this, you must buy items on Ebay, and pay promptly, in order to get your feedback rating ranked up to 100%. A lot of people will not buy from a seller who has less than 10 positive feedback ratings. When you reach 10 positive rating, you are ready to sell your items.

Now, what do you wish to sell? Walk around your home, look in closets and drawers, and determine what you will be selling. It is easiest if you put all of your items in one spot to keep track of them when they are ready to be shipped. Now take each item individually, and search Ebay to determine how much money you are able to get for the item. You can easily hit the tab that says “Advanced Search”, and then completed items to view which particular items did not sell, and view the prices that the other items that did. If the item did not sell, the price will be in red. For sold items, the rate they went for can be seen in green. This will give you a general idea on what you are going to be able to get out of a particular item.

Now it is time to take pictures of your items. You should be sure to use a nice, high- quality digital camera so the potential customer can see all the details in your photo. Use good lighting, and try to get the best picture possible. You should take front and back views of your item, as well as any detail the customer may wish to see up close. Transfer the pictures to your computer so you can post them for people to view.

Now that you are ready to sell, log into the website You will be asked to describe your item in detail, the listing price, the shipping and handling price, as well as to upload pictures. Be sure to be as thorough as possible to lure in your potential buyer. Extra pictures are great, as well as listing the item with a low starting price. Also, you can offer free shipping on your item which will be highlighted, as an additional way to grab the customer’s attention.

Once your item sells you need to ship the item carefully to the customer. Take pride in this to keep customers happy. Leave a personal thank you enclosed on the statement if you like. Additionally, it is a nice idea to put a fabric softener sheet inside the packages that contain clothing for a nice scent. When the customer receives their package, if they are happy, they will leave you positive feedback. Don’t forget to leave them positive feedback as well.

If you follow these simple steps you should be well on your way to being a star seller. The question will not be “How do I sell something on Ebay”, but rather “What else can I sell on Ebay”.

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