7 Ebay selling tips to increase your profits

1. Take good pictures

Bad pictures could possibly be worse than not having any pictures – hmm… no not that bad, but close. With no picture, potential buyers just skip right over your listing, with a bad picture they look at the listing, get frustrated and move on.

2. Take multiple pictures

and use something like auctiva to put them on -you wont have to pay ebay to list the extra pics and it will give buyers a lot more info about the product.

I don’t care if it is still in box or not – even when I buy from amazon.com I notice that I am more likely to buy products that I can see multiple pics of. The downside of online shopping is that we can’t pick up the item and hold it. Help your buyers out by taking a lot of pictures

3. List every detail you can possibly find about your item.

If you don’t you can bet some buyer will ask you those questions that you leave off. This is especially true if you are going to be selling the same item multiple times. If so create a template so you only have to do it once.

4. Watch mis-spellings

You don’t want to accidentally mis-spell the brand of your item, this very well could lead to the item not selling because no one could find it. However, you could use mis-spellings to your advantage. Lots of people spell things wrong. This is good for you if you include that mis-spelling in your title. You may be able to eliminate a lot of your competition by using this method.

5. Make jokes when communicating with your buyers.

Laughter creates uniquely strong bonds between people. Have you noticed how making a joke at an appropriate time can change the atmosphere of a situation? Being able to add a social element in a very sterile email will be very helpful, it will help you to convert prospective buyers and make them more likely to pay quicker and leave positive feedback.

6. Use first class USPS for shipping

This will save you money in shipping costs and believe it or not, USPS First Class often gets delivered quicker than USPS priority mail. I know this is not what they say, so see for yourself.

7. Have your auctions end on the weekends

An ending time of 8-9pm EST on Sundays seems to work well. If you have the time, you will probably get a higher price for your item by doing a 10-day auction starting on Thursday night. This allows for two weekends of exposure to buyers.

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