Create a very detailed description of the item

Ebay descriptions need to be descriptive!

Item descriptions on ebay matter!

The item description is not quite as important as the Title, but still very important. Without a good title your buyers will never find your item. But once they find it a good description can mean the difference between a no-sale and a sale and an easy sale and a difficult one.

Make sure you list all the good features of the product and the imperfections (if it is used).

Don’t try to trick people into buying your broken computer monitor. If there is a crack in it, let them know upfront – it is a lot better to get less money from the sale than to sell it only to have it returned.

Find all the detail you can about the product and list it in the description. This part should be pretty easy. Go to the product’s website and there will likely be lots of good information there and you can check out as well. They often have a lot of product details.

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