7 things not to do when selling on ebay

1. Sell illegal stuff.

Seems obvious, but some people think eBay (or the whole web for that matter) is like the wild-west and they can get away with selling illegal stuff. You are not invincible and you can (and probably will) still get in trouble.

2. Don’t pay attention to international laws.

Just because something is legal in the U.S. doesn’t mean that it is legal in Singapore or China.

3. Not have a picture with your listing.

Remember the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words? This is especially true on eBay. Most buyers are just going to skim right over your listing if it doesn’t contain a picture.

4. Use a reserve price.

It is like a carrot dangling over the buyer’s heads that they don’t know if they can reach. Most buyers skip right over auctions with a Reserve because they don’t want to waste their time. Instead just make the starting price what you would have set the reserve to.

5. Overcharge for S&H.

Everyone hates to see a $2 item with $10 S&H, it is just annoying. Do the world a favor and don’t do it.

6. Be quick to leave negative feedback.

It is so much better to try to work out some sort of agreement rather than leaving negative feedback. I know whenever I buy something from eBay I always check the seller’s feedback and if I see even a few negatives, it makes me a little wary of purchasing from them. If you must leave negative feedback, follow it up with accurate facts and avoid name-calling. It just makes you look like the jerk.

7. Don’t communicate with your buyers.

Communication is one of the most important keys on eBay. If there is a problem, let your buyer know about it right away. Be upfront and honest. This prevents 99% of any problems that could be caused. Once your buyer is frustrated with you, it is a lot harder to win their favor.

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