5 mistakes that beginners make when selling on ebay

1. Not including a picture of the item

Yep, it is hard to imagine, but some people do try to sell items on ebay without a picture. If you do not have a digital camera, go ahead over to ebay and make that purchase the first thing your do. You will be able to find something suitable for under $50. It won’t be great, but it will do. If you want it to be great, spend $100.

2. Only including one picture

The only thing worse than having no pictures is having only 1. Yes, ebay charges for additional pictures, but that is why you use Auctiva or some other tool to store the pics for you. You can take a bunch of detailed and descriptive pictures and host them all on Auctiva’s site and viola! They show up in your ebay listing and you didn’t pay an extra penny for it. The reason behind this, is that since buyer’s can’t hold and examine your item before purchasing it, you need to help them become as comfortable as possible with your item. Having a bunch of detailed pictures of the item is the best way to do this.

3. Not buying a few items to get a feedback rating

When you first thought about selling on ebay, you might have thought, “what if the buyers don’t pay me?” This is why ebay’s feedback system is so valuable, it allows sellers and buyers to “prove their worth” by getting rated on each transaction they complete. So let me ask you this – would you feel more comfortable selling to someone who you knew nothing about or someone who you knew had 15 examples of positive feedback? Easy answer, right? So, if you have no (or very little) feedback, you should probably make some small purchases to get some positive feedback before trying to sell some items.

4. Hiding the flaws

Selling something on eBay without fully disclosing it’s flaws is just asking for trouble. Yes, you may get by with it, but chances are good you will get a buyer who will do his/her best to make your life miserable until you fix the problem. It will likely end up costing you a lot more in shipping fees, energy, and time than you would think. Provide a clear description with the details of the item – good and bad.

5. Picking a poor title

When selling on eBay a detailed title is one of the most important keys to selling the item and to getting a higher price for it. Most buyers use the eBay search box to find the item they are looking for. So, make sure you include a very descriptive title of the item you are selling. Don’t just use “mens dress shirt,” use “New Brooks Brothers blue men’s large dress shirt french cuffs.” By including all this detail you are going to catch a lot more searchers and ultimately get a lot more bids on the item.

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